Life is a series of ups and downs

Seems like my days are just up and down – not running along on an even (upbeat) track.

But today was great. I had lunch today with my friend Heidi It was great to see her, catch up on work gossip and her life. She’s dealing with her mother’s unexpected death from cancer. But she’s doing well and will come out stronger in the end.

What’s not so great today is the heat – well over 100 degrees. My computer said it was 103 at the airport. Elsewhere in Greer, something shot a thermometer at 108. That is hot, way to hot for the Upstate foothills. Still air conditioning makes it liveable. I wonder how folks survived 100 years ago – fans and sweet tea, I guess.

Yesterday, I had another car scare. This one was solely my fault. I went out. The car was dead, just like it was three weeks ago. That time it took $400 and an alternator to fix. This time, it took only recharging the battery. I left the headlights on – for more than two days. So, of course, the battery died. I haven’t been using the garage and just started in May so I now have to remember to check the lights.

Overall, the day has been good  I’ve read some. I’ve cleaned up some (my mattress and bed frame are being delivered tomorrow). So I’ve been busy.

Mother time is good time

I spent today running errands for my mother, taking her shoe shopping (she found nothing), opening boxes (mostly photographs) and having supper at College Walk with friends. I enjoy time spent with my mother and it gives me a target for my actions as I grow older.

Also, I dropped off about three boxes and one bag of books for the AAUW book sale. Tough lugging them around. But my house in Greer is beginning to have a few bare spots. Glory be! I can’t believe that (and you wouldn’t either if  you see the books I have left). 


Car and friends – which wins?

What a day!!

This morning I was happy because I was meeting two friends – who both took the newspaper buyout with me – in downtown Greenville for lunch and catching up on our lives. I hadn’t seen Jan since the middle of April although Anna and I have met and talked since then.

So I get ready to go. The car won’t start. The engine doesn’t even turn over. Ugh! I call AAA – someone will be out in about 35 minutes. I call Anna and say I’m not sure I’ll be there. The guy comes. It’s the battery (less than a year old), but the alternator is fine. He doesn’t have a battery. So I drive to AAA on Pleasantburg. They run a test. The battery is fine. The alternator is shot.

So I say, “Fix it.” AAA took me to my lunch with the girls – only an hour late, but they were running late, too. Wanda, who is still working, joined us. We caught up and had a good lunch.

Then Anna and I went to the newsroom and visited friends. That was fun, too. (Everybody says we look rested.) Then she took me to AAA and I picked up the car. Fortunately, I received an escrow check yesterday from my refinancing so I had the funds. Now I’m a tad poorer, but I have an alternator that will probably outlive my car. (I can’t complain. This is the first time it’s been replaced and the car is nearly 11 years old with more than 121,000 miles.)

So my day was like most – with good and bad bits. Overall, the good won.

My mother’s weekend

This is my mother’s weekend – whatever she wants to do is the order of the day.

We attended a College Walker mother-daughter luncheon, also attended by all the women in the community interested. All of them are mothers or have had mothers or have mothered someone. It was a lovely occasion.

Tonight we’re eating with two friends of my mother’s. The couple also lives at College Walk in a house rather than an apartment.

And tomorrow I’ll cook for her and more friends.