A Banking mess

What a mess I created this morning – all because banking has become too easy. I do some, but not all, of my banking online. One thing I do is pay my credit card bills online because it is issued by my bank. So there I was – SS check had come in. So I transferred some money to my card. Then I planned to transfer more (much more) to my savings account. But somehow I hit the transfer to credit card button. I immediately hit the panic button. But it was too late. The process had started. So I called my bank. They called the credit card folks. The result: I have to wait until the payment is posted on the card. Then the people there will transfer the large payment back to my checking account. The bank will call me about this. It will all take between three and five business days. Fortunately, I have enough in checking for that amount of time. But hitting one wrong key has caused a mess.

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