Snow in the South

Well, the South is in for a time. It snow yesterday but wasn’t too bad. Today – by 10 a.m. – the roads in my subdivision are snow-covered. The predictions call for anywhere from three inches to 12 inches. That is a disaster ┬áin the South because we don’t have this often and we have no equipment to deal with it.

If I were to hike to the grocery store, I’m sure the shelves would be free of bread and milk and maybe wine and beer. We see it as an excuse to hunker down, maybe have a party or maybe have an attack o f the crazies.

Right now, the world seems so silent and peaceful as the snow falls and nothing is moving (actually I hear some vehicles on the main road but not many). If this last more than today, it won’t be such a peaceful scene.

Besides that, after the snow falls, the forecasters are calling for ice. Now that is something we Southerners have no idea how to deal with. So we get in our cars and a demolition derby results.

All you folks used to snow, send a good thought our way – hoping we can tough this out.