Christmas lasts past the day

Christmas is nearly over. Of course, I consider the season to last through Jan. 6, Old Christmas. My mother remembers celebrating that day rather than Dec. 25 one year as a child – everyone was sick. And I don’t feel I have missed my holiday card deadline until Jan. 6 (I have a few more to send).

After three days of celebrating – Gabe’s birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas, I am done in. Christmas Eve I went to a Family candlelight service at 5 p.m. and an 11 p.m. service at my church. They were both beautiful and both different.

Presents were opened Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (after reading the Christmas story in Matthew) with Santa thrown in (He still comes to my mother’s house although he has a different helper than he did when I was little). In addition, I had a little studio gig going (for free) while I shot family portraits of varying folks and combinations of folks.

Today is a day of rest. Saturday is another birthday party – this one for a woman turning 50 instead of a little boy turning 3. New Year’s Day I have friends coming over for the traditional “good luck” holiday meal.

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