List of blessings

I try to express gratitude all year long, but November is the month I really try to go out of my way in thanks people and remembering my blessings. I have many – family, friends, adequate money, books and much more.

I began a Gratitude List this year (I often do this):

Thankful List 2013

I barely made it on the first day of November: I am grateful for my mother, who despite her pain is in good health. She’ll be with me for Thanksgiving.

Nov. 2 – I am grateful for friends who support me and are willing to tell me if I’m doing something crazy.

Nov. 3 – I am grateful that I still can enjoy food while trying to lose weight. And I’ve been successful, with 33 pounds gone since January.

Nov. 4 – I am grateful for continuing to find freelance work to keep me busy enough but not too busy. And I thankful for the time to do my own personal writing.

Nov. 5 – I am grateful for a “walking buddy.” She got me walking – after I talked about it for three months – and together we keep each other honest.

Nov. 6 – I am grateful for the little things of life – chocolate kisses, a smile from a friend or from someone I don’t know, a friendly clerk in a store, a word of encouragement, angel food cake and cooler temperatures.

Nov. 7 – I am grateful for photography. It lets me – or makes me – see the world in a different way. I think I’m probably a better person because of that.

Nov. 8 – I am grateful for sunny days like today – and rainy days sometimes, too. I love fall and look forward to its coming. And I am grateful that I live in a region that has distinct seasons.

Nov. 9 – I am grateful for my brother and the memories we have and our visits, which don’t come often enough. He taught me a lot of things, including how to love somebody even if you’re mad at them. He also challenged me – I learned to ride a bike so someone 2 1/2 years younger wouldn’t learn first and I learned to swim because he could. Chip, I love you and your family.

Nov. 10 – The day is almost over, but my gratitude is not. I am grateful for the freedoms we have in this country – the freedom to worship or not to worship, the freedom to speak or to say nothing, the freedom to move around the country or remained rooted in the place of our birth, the freedom to change jobs, to create jobs, to retire without starving. I know that not everyone in this country can claim these freedoms as easily as I do, but the freedoms are there (with maybe a little help from our friends).

Nov. 11 – I am grateful for our military personnel who sacrifice much to protect their country. That includes past and present, my father, uncles, aunt, brother, cousins, nephews, and those I have never met. Thanks for your service.

Nov. 12 – I am grateful for my nieces, two very different, very lovely and very accomplished young ladies. And I love Shannon and Amanda to pieces and they give me a scholar and an artist. How lucky can I get? I also am grateful that my mother’s second marriage brought me two additional nephews plus their two daughters and one son.

Nov. 13 – As I get ready to walk this morning, I am grateful for the ability to walk despite the cold. I also am grateful to have the cold-weather clothing to make the walk possible. I realize I am lucky because I have both the necessities of life and many of the desires of life, and I give thanks.

Nov. 14 – I am grateful for books – books to entertain me, books to teach me, books to comfort me, books for any reason and no reason.

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