Back again

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote on this blog.


I have begun walking in the mornings, not far but for about 35 minutes or so. Right now that’s about 1.3 miles. I’m taking it easy because I managed to produce blisters almost immediately and am trying to heal them before I buy new, well-fitting walking shoes. But the walk starts my day off right.

When I get home, I feel ready to run errands, write or clean the house – whatever my task for the day is. Since I’ve retired, reading is always part of my day. Of course, it always was. But now I read in the daylight instead of late at night.

The other part of my upbeat outlook is that I have lost 32 pounds in the past 10.5 months. That’s slow, but that’s how I lose. I now have more energy and feel more able to do things that enhance my writing – such as hiking to a waterfall or just rambling through the countryside.

I am also a contributor to a blog – – on WordPress. If you’re a writer – or even if you’re not – come check us out. We have five staff contributors and guest contributors. It’s open to any writing – poetry, memoirs, short stories, articles, writing tips, a blog on the blog- as well as photography. Nan Lundeen, a friend and colleague, is the chief editor (I guess you’d call her) and a wonderful poet.


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