A lunch oasis

Some days retirement seems really the best of all worlds. You get to choose what you want to do.

Today Anna and I – both old retired ladies – met Cindy – a youngster who is still working – and had lunch at the Green Room in downtown Greenville. The conversation was stimulating. The food was delicious and overly abundant. After our talk fest, Cindy had to hurry off to do an interview while Anna and I moseyed (is that how you spell the word) over to Mast General Store. I bought a Christmas present and Anna bought some shirts and earrings.

On the way home, I planned to stop by Lowe’s and check out the paint and carpet samples. But after stopping for gas, I decided it was too hot to do anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. It’s not going to hurt me to pick out paint, carpet and hard-wood flooring next week.

So other than having fun (and getting up early since I spent last night at the church with several homeless families that are staying there this week), I did little other than finish up some phone calls I’m making for a PR and marketing firm. I also finished a memoir by Charlayne Hunter-Gault. She had a wild life early on.

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