Uncertainty means lack of control

A trip to Brevard – over the mountain and through the woods – went well as usual. I love driving over US 276 from Greer to Brevard. In the morning, it’s so bright and the air seems light.

Drove through town on my way to my mother’s and some idiot driver turned left in front of me. I was turning right. She also nearly drove down pedestrians crossing the street.

The rest of the day was confusing. We waited for a reclining lift chair to be delivered to my mother’s apartment. The delivery crew had to be here by 2 p.m. because my mother had a therapy session at 3 p.m. The made it, but the chair was the wrong size. So they packed it back up for a return trip to Arden and she and I are going back to the store tomorrow. She’s petite and needs a small chair.

Then it was on to therapy, forgetting a check she wanted to cash. After her therapy session of more than an hour, we came back for the check and then cashed it.

After a short rest, we met friends for supper here at College Walk. The trout was delicious. The rest of the meal so-so.

One of my problems with this kind of day is the lack of control I have. I never realized how important control is to me. I can laze away a day, but I want to make the decision to do so.

1 thought on “Uncertainty means lack of control

  1. Your observation about being in control strike home with me, Jenny. Thanks! Hope things work out easily with your mother’s chair.

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